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Grow your own !


Growing your own vegetables is so easy, why not try it with your child?


Not everybody is blessed with a sprout loving angel, but almost all children love growing their own vegetables.And if they have grown their own veggies then they are more likely to try them, also they will have learned something about  where their food is coming from. As well as this you will be confident about where the food has come from and what’s being used to make them grow so beautifully!

What do you need for your kids to grow vegetables?

(The basics- space, sun, seeds & water)

• You don’t need much space; in fact most vegetables can be grown in small flower beds, pots or even window boxes full of compost.

• Sun is important, so most vegetables need a sunny spot in your garden.

• Seeds- you can buy packets of basic vegetable seeds from your local supermarket.

• You will need to water the seeds/plants in, then either every day or every other day depending on

the weather. (Kids love to water but will forget so you’ll have to keep an eye on this yourself)

 When and how is the best _me to sow the seeds?

Spring is the best #me to plant most vegetable, a trick is when you start to see weeds growing you know your seeds will be able to grow. There will also be instructions on the packet, but the main thing is to let your children sow the seeds themselves.

How do I get my kids interested in growing


Let them be in charge Mum! Plant veg that they like and get them to plant and water them. They may be less enthusiastic  about the weeding but they should still do the picking!

Why should our family bother growing our own?

You can teach your children about how to grow healthy food, which is much tastier and fresh. Itis also surprising easy to do, and gives you quality time with your children in the fresh air.Not to mention you will also save yourself a fair bit of money!

Keep it simple and give it a go!

Try not to worry too much just have a go with one or two vegetables and see how you get on. A packet of seeds costs less than £1 so you sowhat have you got to lose?!?

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